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Why Is The Price Of Mink Eyelashes Different?

Why Is The Price Of Mink Eyelashes Different?

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When people purfuse Mink lashes, they may have some questions “why are the same eyelashes, but the price is not the same?” Now I will answer this question for you。

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1,Different Process

If you want to start an eyelash business and do business with 3D Mink Eyelash Suppliers, you will first consider the price of mink lashes. Most Eyelash Vendors use simple processes to produce mink eyelashes. Only a few Mink  Eyelash Factories have a professional R&D team and design team to spend time, energy and huge R&D funds to produce the Most Popular Eyelashes. And Biotherm Lashes are professional and willing to spend a lot of money on research and development. Most Eyelash Vendors usa use chemicals for 3D effects. Although it is simple and quick, it destroys the structure of mink hair itself and makes it dull. We use physical methods to perform the 3D mink eyelash effect, which not only maintains its own structure, but also makes it more curly and fluffy, which takes time and effort. Safety and environmental protection.

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2,Use Different Mink Hair

Good 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes are made from the cruelty-free and neat cut of the softest and elastic hair suitable for people’s eyelashes from the tail of an adult mink. The bad mink eyelashes are made of some fragmented mink hair that fell off. The best Eyelash Manufacturer Usa are like Biotherm Lashes use the hair of the authentic Siberian adult mink tail is made by hand.

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3 , Which Makes You Feel Comfortable

This is the key point for customers to buy eyelashes. The best 20mm Mink Lashes Strips are as light as a feather. When you wear them on your eyes, they will make you feel comfortable, like your own rather than heavy. Bad eyelashes will make you tired and may make you suffer from eye diseases, so it is cheap eyelashes are the most expensive lashes.

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4,Different Design Style

Excellent designers will design the most suitable Luxury Mink Lashes styles according to different customer needs. Biotherm Lashes can customize your own 3d Mink Eyelash Wholesale styles for you, while those without designers will only copy the existing models on the market, a good pair Eyelashes will make you look different.

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5,One Price You Get
You can reuse the Mink Eyelashes of  Biotherm Lashes for 15-20 times, while the inferior eyelashes can only be used 3-5 times and start to shed hair. So in terms of cost, the price of high-quality mink eyelashes is favorable. Properly cleaning mink eyelashes will also increase the number of times it is used. Never pay too much attention to low prices. You pay for what you pay for. Nowadays, people pay more attention to comfort and appearance, so Biotherm  mink eyelashes are popular among European and American girls.

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