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Why Will Continue To Have Customers Choose To Cooperate With Us?

Why Will Continue To Have Customers Choose To Cooperate With Us?

Biotherm lashes is a professional and best 3D Mink Eyelash Seller and Customized Eyelash Packaging Seller, mainly engaged in the wholesale business of mink eyelashes to the United States and other countries in the world.We provide high quality eyelashes and eyelash packaging products.《Just-105-To-Get-Custom-Eyelash-Packaging-Box》

3d Mink Eyelashes Factory

For the long-term development of our company and the trust of our customers, we only provide the best quality Siberian Mink Lashes.In the case of good eyelash care, can be used at least 20 times.

2.Excellent service.We not only offer False Eyelashes, but also “offer high quality Eyelash Packaging“.It also offers its own label design service for free.Because we have a professional design team, can help you to design a unique own-brand according to your requirements.Customized eyelash packaging。《what-kind-of-eyelash-packing-box-is-cheaper》

Empty Eyelash Boxes Wholesale

3. Adequate inventory.Eyelash can be delivered quickly, directly related to the customer’s sales speed.If  the Lash vendor is not reliable and cannot provide inventory in time, there will be a gap in sales, which will affect the customer’s sales performance.We have been operating for many years, the company has 70 or 80 sales staff Eyelash Suppliers, we have sufficient inventory for all sales staff sales.

Eyelash Packaging Boxes Factory

custom eyelashes boxes

4. Efficient production process.Even if a certain model is out of stock and we have dozens of workers working overtime on production, we can quickly fulfill an order for eyelashes that are out of stock.Customized eyelash packaging

Unique Lash Packaging

We have a fast delivery process.Other companies may be responsible for marketing and packaging.Once the production is complete, we have special staff responsible for packing and shipping.This saves time and improves delivery efficiency.

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6. The fastest highway.We can ship 5000-6000 pieces per month.So we are a VIP customer of Fedex.We’ve won the fastest speed and the lowest shipping rates.Even if the item is lost, the Courier company will pay for it after receiving photo proof.These services can protect the interests of buyers to the greatest extent..

Mink Lashes Custom Packaging

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Custom Mink Lash Packaging