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Will You Get A Big Discount From Biotherm Lashes?

Will You Get A Big Discount From Biotherm Lashes

Girls in the eyelash business will want a discount when they place an order. Will there be a discount for Biotherm eyelashes?

Usually we quote you our best wholesale prices, but if you buy in bulk, I can apply for a discount for you.

1.Order is over 1000$, we could give 10% discount.

2. Order is over 500$, we could give 5% discount.

3.Budget is about 200$-100$, No discount

Flash Eyelash Packaging Box

We can help you open up the market, like Lilly eyelashes

Biotherm eyelashes has a professional private packaging factory, we provide the best service for the wholesale industry of mink eyelashes, the best quality and the minimum order quantity for you to provide their own logo packaging.And we now have new products high quality human hair, lip oil, we have our own new product development team, we will continue to develop new products.

Mink Lash Packaging

3d Mink Fur Lashes

The minimum order quantity =30, only 30, you can start your own eyelash business line, join Biotherm, start your personal business.

Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Mink Lash Suppliers

Custom Mink Lash Packaging

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