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Would You Like A Sample Of The Lash Packing ?

Would You Like A Sample Of  The Lash Packing ?

Empty Eyelash Boxes Wholesale

Biotherm lashes is a professional and Custom  Eyelash Packaging Manufacturers, every day there are hundreds of thousands of customers looking for us to negotiate the business.

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Diy Lash Packaging

Customers often ask:” hey , Biotherm lashes I need Wholesale Eyelash and Custom Lash Packaging , but can you provide to me before I order in large lots of eyelash samples and a box to print my brand samples?”

Strip Lash Packaging

Love, we can provide samples for you, you can choose any you like Mink Eyelash, we will give you the best wholesale prices, we will provide you with no LOGO eyelash packaging samples.

Eyelash Boxes Wholesale

but if you want to print your LOGO samples, we have the minimum quantity, our boxes are of high quality, the LOGO is on the laser printing, printing before the machines need professional and technical personnel in strict accordance with the designer’s drawings to debug, start the laser printing machine cost is very high, there will be some loss in the process of debugging, so you need to batch print.

Mink Lashes Custom Packaging

The MOQ of other companies requires at least 100 Customized Lash Boxes, but Biotherm lashes will consider the needs of most customers and set the MOQ of Customized Packaging Boxes at the minimum quantity, so you don’t need to worry about spending a lot to start your eyelash business, creating your brand packaging box is as simple as that。

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Empty Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

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