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Would You Like To Order Free Delivery For Lashes?

Would You Like To Order Free Delivery For Lashes?

Great news, In order to let more girls experience our High Quality Eyelashes, our group company launched a Magnetic Eyelash set, and today we also launched this 16mm Faux Eyelash combination set, which is only sold for 9.90 $!!Also ——-FREE shipping!!

What you see is what you get, it is with our company to build brand logo eyelash suit, it contains the most popular 4 to different styles of 16 mm Eyelashes and 4 pieces beautiful Lash brushes and a senior Eyelash Book, very suitable for daily life, I secretly tell you, the eyelash is our promotional products, when the product launch, I think the boss is crazy,Crazy loss-making retail prices, you know, even Wholesale Lashes, you can’t get this price.

If you want to buy and need a link?You can add my WhatsApp +8618863907692, first come, first served, if you want to buy as soon as possible, sold out.The boss said that the purpose of launching this product is to let more customers experience our High-Quality Lashes.

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