(SECRET!!!)Which Eyelash Box is More Popular In October?

(SECRET!!!)Which Eyelash Box is More Popular In October?

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Biotherm Lashes is a Wholesaler Of  Eyelashes and customized packaging boxes for its own professional designer team and skilled operators, mainly engaged in mink eyelashes, customized eyelash packaging boxes, Customized Eyeliner Glue, wholesale to all over the world.

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Which Eyelash Box is More Popular In October???What will make you more money in October, of course, is the Eyelash Business.In the traditional cultural festivals, Hallowmas, everyone needs exaggerated, dramatic Eyelashes and Hallowmas themed eyelash packaging boxes.

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In the coming in October, is the beginning of the season, for business in eyelash is on January 1, the western traditional festival, Halloween, so there are a lot of customers to consult with the custom of Halloween theme eyelash packaging box. 

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We have professional designer team to design and customize for you free of exclusive brand your eyelash eyelash packaging.

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Halloween theme elements are: jack-o ‘-lanterns, candy, witches, ghosts, bats,  exaggerated makeup.

If people want to make a piece of face, it must wear a pair of exaggerated eyelashes, so that your makeup will be more prominent, more dramatic, make your beautiful eyes more sexy, attractive.Therefore, as a professional eyelash supplier, I recommend you to choose 22mm Mink Lashes  or 25mm Mink Eyelashes in October, and customize the eyelash packaging box with the theme of fall and Halloween to start your business.

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It will definitely be very popular and make you more money.If you have just started the eyelash business, please contact me if you want to do it. I will provide you with professional answers and be responsible for customizing the eyelash packaging box for your own eyelash brand.

Theme color is deep and mysterious black with bright orange, it is the color that belongs to autumn.The Logo of our eyelash packaging box is printed with laser, which is very waterproof and is a high-quality eyelash packaging box.

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